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OVERFLOW CAN ONLY, 4″ I.D. X 5″ H, CAP. 800ML, SPOUT 0.5″ I.D. X 1.5″ L, 1,

Item Description:
OVERFLOW CAN ONLY, 4" I.D. X 5" H, CAP. 800ML, SPOUT 0.5" I.D. X 1.5" L


Product Family Description:
An aluminum overflow can and a catch bucket are packaged as a convenient set for use in Archimedes' Principle, density, and specific gravity experiments. The overflow can measures 4" I.D. x 5" high and has a capacity of approximately 800ml. Its spout is 0.5" I.D. x 1.5" long. The catch bucket with detachable aluminum handle measures 4" I.D. x 3" high. The can and bucket are also sold separately.



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